Yanna Lou

Yanna Lou


Hey Babe, I’m Maya a.k.a Yanna Lou. I’m a model, makeup artist and visual artist working and living in Dallas, Tx.

Born in New York and raised in New Orleans, I like to consider myself a “City girl with a southern charm”.  I grew up cooking and drawing before I even made it to grade school and my talents are a part of what keeps me sane through the everyday struggle with this human experience.  I started modeling at the age of 9, but unfortunately stopped because I decided to focus more on my art. Once I turned 22, I decided to give it a shot, this time as an adult. So far I have been published in 9 fashion articles and worked with a few of the greatest photographers in Dallas. I am proud of what I have achieved, both on and off of the camera and I look forward to becoming a stronger model, artist, and woman.

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"Have you ever caught sight of yourself by accident and you see yourself from the outside? That's who you really are."

- Dorothy Dandridge

My mission for this platform is to express love, joy, anger, passion, reflection, etc. When I think of the woman that I am, I think of someone who has overcome so many things in life (much like most women). I'm no different than anyone else but what sets me and my brand a part from the rest is that my experiences have allowed me to understand and empathize but remain intelligent, savvy and focused.

 I have rolls, freckles and baby fat that isn’t so baby-like anymore. I laugh entirely too hard at jokes that aren’t really funny. I’m a hard ass but I am very passionate. I say what I want, how I want and that's just how its always been. I put all of that passion and spirit into everything I do because its the only way I know how to be me. I'm proud to say that I have always been myself, even when told it was "too much"or too "extra". I am an exclusive individual with an inclusive heart which means that I have a very small circle but I carry so much love for anyone I've crossed paths with.

 This is my invitation for you to join me for the rest of this excursion that I call my life as I share my talents and God-given gifts with the world. Beware. It will get bumpy. It will be messy. It will be a journey of growth for not only myself but my readers and followers. My intention is to make you laugh out loud and to never take yourself too seriously.


With fire in my heart and Love on my mind,