Nothing like a man who appreciates the joys of looking good! Mr James came through in focus mode and I am living! Thom Brown tote as a vital accessory, he just continues to impress both on and off the court!


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Favorite look: The Royal Wedding

Ms. Priyanka Chopra did NOT come play with you heaux(s). She looks phenomenal in her custom Vivien Westwood suit. The hat was designed by Philip Treacy and is truly a one of a kind. This Quantico star knows how to set the bar!



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Growing up Mules weren't my favorite shoe. (At ALL!) My mom owned several pairs and even bought me a few that I refused to wear. As we all should know by now, our styles change over time and I've already put in my order for these sandy SINFUL Steve Madden mules! Mr. Maddens new collection is to DIE for and I love the designs! I see where I'll be spending my hard earned money this summer! 


Pictures via public IG