An Art Show High...

art show digs.JPG

I had one of the most fulfilling experiences at The RAW Dallas art showcase. I met so many amazing people and made so many great connections. The energy in that venue (Gas Monkey Live!) was crazy and beautiful. Fashion, art, jewelry, live music, poetry and so much more. The experience is unparalleled and so exceptional. RAW Dallas scouted me as an artist a few months ago and it was just the blessing that I needed and had been praying for. 

I have never been too open about my art because its a little different and has been described as "ODD" but it was a distinguished feeling to have so many people truly fall in love with my art and reach out to collaborate with me. From Youtubers wanting to interview me to opportunities to travel for my art.. I don't think this was what I was expecting but it's here now and I feel so blessed. 

One minute I was looking at the door with no one out there and the next thing I saw was a line that almost wrapped around the building. What a feeling!

I'd like to thank everyone who purchased tickets and came out to celebrate art of all kinds. I'm sure that besides myself, other artist appreciated seeing the turn out. 


I cant wait to do this for the rest of my life...

With Love,



Maya Johnson