Truth HURTS!

LADIES!! Someone said we should lower our expectations...

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please click play on the video at the bottom before reading.

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"Why men great till they gotta be great?" Such a great question. I recently read an interesting take on the "Netflix and Chill era" of dating. I read and agree with some of the perspective. One point that I liked was that a lot of women love saying that "dating was so great 40 years ago" only because they hear about how men courted women and had manners. They weren't all that great in my opinion. There were in fact many men walking around with several different women and children outside of their marriage.  Yo pappy, Uncle Elroy, and Grandpa Don were probably "something else".  Don't be fooled by the idea of being courted because a man will court you and still dog the absolute shit out of you.. that's just facts.


TO BE CLEAR.. that is never a reason to lower expectations or your standards. Truth is, you should be able to "Netflix and chill" without a guy pulling his "family jewels" out 2 minutes into the beginning credits. Like damn bruh.. can we get through the intro music first. 



Now don't get me wrong. I like to be touched and rubbed on but not by someone who thinks that "Netflix and Chill" constitutes as a date or even a way to get me out of my pretty ass panties. GET TF OUTTA HERE. No, seriously.. Who told you that you had the juice like that? Damn sure not I! It's not always about being courted or being taken out on dates (even though a lady appreciates those gestures no matter the situationship) Sometimes we just want you to pace yourself.. ya know.. be patient.



There are some guys who can get away with these antics and we as women wouldn't mind it but if you have to tell a woman to lower her expectations to please your male ego or your annoying need to rush through the sexual process, then you don't have all of the answers and a wise man knows that he knows NOTHING. I have a bit of advice for the men who think that the "Netflix and Chill era" of dating is a definite and important part of dating...make it smoothe, take your time. Take time out of your own fantasy and maybe try turning me on. When you rush to get it started just tells me one thing. You're a minute man... and that shit isn't cute. 



I don't have to lower my expectations.. you should know your aim from the start because no matter how we end, its all about the journey. I wont lower my expectations just because you aren't interested in meeting them.. there is always someone who will.. we can be friends tho.. I promise it isn't me... it's (j/k...maybe)  

Take heed to these instructions and you just might get what you want. If not.. you should start pursuing women with lower standards and zero expectations and maybe then Netflix and chill will turn into everything you ever hoped for. 




Now have a listen to  some great music

Maya Johnson