Teaching: Year One Done.

Coming off of a week long End Of Year trip with some of my 8th grade students, I've had a lot of time to reflect. They get on my LAST NERVE.. but I wouldn't trade them for the entire world. It's been an interesting year for me and I couldn't be more exhausted. 




It all started with a phone call from my assistant principal looking for a Special Education teacher. I had no idea what I was going to do but I knew that my experience with kids on my resume was plentiful and I had what it would take. I was determined to be good at what I do...but was a I really ready for what was about to happen?

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After the first few days, I was excited to be a part of the school and campus. My kids were all different and unique and all had different little personalities that I loved. Funny, savage, kind, smart, inquisitive with smart asss mouths. They were all like little extensions of myself.  They quickly captured my heart and I eventually fell in love with them. 


There were times that I was sure that some of them were possessed by demons sent here to be the bane of my existence and I was also sure that some of them hated me. As time moved on I realized that they just have their days and its not personal. Much like myself as a student with many of my teachers. I took a page out of my own book and began to understand that this generation of kids are no different than myself at that age. I just wanted to be myself. So I created a relationship with most of my kids that allowed them to be themselves because in most classrooms they are told to be quiet and be less of themselves. I like disruption and laughing and I want them to know that not all teachers will nag at them for laughing at stupid jokes or being average 13 year old kids.

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On another note, working with other adults wasn't new but working with teachers was. See I've worked in corporate America most of my adult life, so I know how office life is but teaching was anomaly for me. Now don't get me wrong. I love most of my team mates and have learned a lot about working in education from them but "petty" is an understatement when it comes to working with teachers. Not in a terrible way but in a laughable way. Like listening to people make fun of children and parents, reading " To whom it may concern" emails and watching other teachers get charged up and snicker because it was high-key funny.. ENDLESS hilarity. 




The moments that made me a good teacher are the last minute "Oh shit" moments and the moments where you have to put the thought of "looking stupid" out of your head and just relax. Realizing that I have NO control over what will happen day to day and that's okay. I can plan for a great day of learning for my kids on Monday but I just may have to push that off to Thursday because the School Calendar had a different plan...and that's okay. I walked into each day with an optimistic mindset and it really made a beautiful difference.


Moving forward I'll be moving into a better fitting position and I am so excited about it! Prayer works and if it's meant for you...nothing can take it away!.



With Love,


Lou <3

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Maya Johnson