Copy of Psychological Well-Being: I'm Baacckkkk!

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Recently I’ve been seeing these cries for mental health checks on Social Media. Everyone is so concerned but are they really? As what some of my friends would consider the “strong friend”, I rarely am asked “How have you been? Do you need anything? Are you getting enough sleep? Have you eaten today?” Yes, sometimes I’m asked what I’ve been up to and how work is going but rarely is there a mental health check. No, I’m not suicidal and no I haven't always made it a priority to ask those questions either, which is exactly why I am making it one.

I’m not one to share my mental health journey and I’m not very open about it but anxiety and depression have been large parts of my life for years. Yeah, I know we hear about anxiety and depression on social media all of the time. Ever so often someone hurts themselves or even kills themselves and the world slows down for about 10 seconds and most people think about it… then they move on as if it were a thing of the past. I guess I’m unhappy with that particular narrative because… it keeps happening.


Anxiety attacks became a “thing“ for me when I was a teenager and I wasn't sure what was happening. Seeing as I was a teenager and had absolutely no idea how to articulate what was happening to me, I didn't talk about it. I was 21 years old before I actually gained the courage to google my symptoms and do some research. After meeting with a therapist and talking about my experiences, I was able to slowly open up about what was going on with me.


I had a hunch and I followed it but not everyone is that intuitive. Not everyone is that in control of their emotions. We say to check in on our strong friends but we just need to check in period. with everyone. Pain is inevitable and hurt can be a consequence but not everyone is equipped to handle these feelings on their own. Not everyone can talk about it. Many people don't even know that they are suffering.

Send a text, call, ask questions, and love. Don't be so selfish that you forget that the people you love and care about could be suffering in silence because they don't hear their own voice.

With Love,

Lou <3

Maya Johnson